Wood Paints

Mido Paints presents its premium quality wood paints solutions. They are the perfect for those looking for long lasting wood finishes that protect wooden surfaces from damages from a variety of exterior elements. Made using only the best quality materials and the latest technology, these wood paints solutions are better than any other products. Here are some of the features and advantages you will get with our wood paints:


    • Superior Finish: Our wood finishes will give your wooden surfaces a clear and decorative coating that will not only increase their aesthetic appeal, but also keep them from getting damaged.
    • Enhanced Durability: The Wood paints will protect your wooden surfaces from heat, hot fluids, oil stains, termite attacks and other such harmful elements and keep them new for years and years.
    • Easy Application: Application is totally hassle-free; you won’t need to worry about complicated painting procedures with our wood finishes.
    • Excellent Value for Money: With the premium features that come with our wood paints solutions, full value for your money is guaranteed.


Protect your precious wooden surfaces with Mido Paints’ wood paints today!

Categories of Wood Paints

Wood Stains

Wood stain is manufactured from the best types of dyes. It is very effective in coloring furniture and woods as it emphasizes the natural beauty of woods. .........
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Wood Insulator

This product is a two-component polyurethane insulator designed to prevent the attack of oils and resins secretion from the wood substrate to the polyester coating .......
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Wood Sealers

Mido Wood Sealer penetrates deep into wood surfaces and blocks the damaging effects of sunlight, moisture and wind — bringing out the warmth and character of the wood’s natural texture and grain.  .....
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Wood Varnishes

Mido wood varnishes are made from the finest quality ingredients ensuring top performance, durability and ease of application. ......
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Polyurethane Varnishes

They are suitable for all interior wood including skirting, doors, banisters and stair rails. They provide excellent protection against knocks and scuffs........
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Wood Fillers and Surfacers

Mido Fillers and Surfacers are characterized by their high solid content, easy sanding and fast drying power. Use them directly before the last paint coat to get a smooth surface......
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Decorative Wood Paints

Mido wood varnishes are made from the finest quality ingredients ensuring top performance, durability and ease of application......
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Wood Glue

Manufactured from high quality materials and characterized by its perfect adhesion. It is suitable for adhering wood, papers, and cartons. It is characterized by fast dry.
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