Mido car care products provides professional-quality car detailing products and buffing compounds that will help restore and protect your car’s finish for a long-lasting showroom shine. Specializing in car care products since 1979, Mido has earned a solid reputation in the paint and body shop industry. Now, Mido Products is proud to offer its impressive line of car washes, car waxes and other car care accessories to car enthusiasts. 

  • Mido General Brochure (Automotive Polishes) K760 data sheet

    Categories of Automotive Polishes

    Rubbing Compounds 

    Special excellent formulae for removing a wide range of paint work defects (dust nibs, over spray, paint runs, orange peel and small scratches) as well as the abrasive marks left by fine abrasive papers. They produce a smear free, high gloss finish.....
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    Finish Polishes

    Mido Polish finishes are made of a special blend of waxes and silicones which shine all car finishes looking like new. They provide a protective waxy layer with high gloss and shine.........
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    Silicon Emulsion 

    Silicone Emulsion is a concentrated emulsion of dimethyl silicone fluid, specially designed to offer easy release characteristics....
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    Solid Bars

    It's a blend of convertibles powders, waxes, and pure fates which gives high performance to remove corrugation.......
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