Automotive Paints

Mido has created its own in car care, car repair, and car refinishing products, offering you the finest and high quality products and services to create the car coat you desire. Whether simple renovation or complete remodeling, Mido is the right choice for you.


A car today is not only a means of transportation, which takes you from one place to another. A car is also your pride. As a car owner you want to distinguish your car from other cars of the same kind, by the most exposed part, the color of your car. Mido Mix helps you to distinguish yourself from others. Our special effect colors allow you to make your car an individual and unique driving experience.


If you’ve ever had your car re-sprayed, chances are it involved one of Mido’s car refinish products. We are one of Egypt’s leading suppliers of paints and services for the car repair, commercial vehicles and automotive plastics markets. We offer outstanding customer service, top-notch training, full technical and logistical support, and detailed local knowledge

Categories of Automotive Paints

Auto Paints

It is a two-component acrylic paint, based on the best quality of acrylic resin and composed of special type of additives to obtain extremes gloss and excellent mechanical properties. Special pigment provides maximum weathering & chemical resistance and  ultimate color retention ....
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Clear Coats

As the outer layer of any finish, clearcoat paints serve as the barrier of protection for the basecoat and always enhance the durability and appearance of the paint. Mido Paint leads the industry by producing the highest quality 2K clearcoats available. ...
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It is an aliphatic isocyanate hardener, designed to offer good hardness and quick drying for the car refinished acrylic paint system. It is ideal for the treatment of large vehicles .......
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It is an acrylic filler, with high solid and easy sanding for car repair and body work. It's characterised by easy sanding and application, perfect filling, very fast drying. It's suitable for all acrylic paint finishes. ......
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N.C. Paints (Duco)

It is high-quality nitrocellulose enamel, based on a special alkyd resin . It includes high quality nitrocellulose and special ingredients of alkyd resins and additives to obtain perfect abrasion and weathering resistance....
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N.C. Putties

NC putty based on synthetic alkyd resins, nitrocellulose and selected pigments and extenders. It is formulated to give extra body to the surface, and also works as a leveling filler to all wooden surfaces and cars. It is characterized by fast drying, easy sanding and high filling power. ......
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Undercoat Paints

One-pack primer for steel and galvanized substrates on cars. Thanks to its special pigment and binding agent composition, it offers excellent anti-corrosion properties and good adhesion with very good texture shape paint .....
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Polyester Putties

It is a two-part, polyester finishing putty ideally suited for filling and skim coating body work, pinholes, grind marks, low spots and other surface imperfections. Use as a finish coat over body filler repair areas to fill minor defects and sand scratches to improve the efficiency of paint ......
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A group of high-quality solvents, designed specifically for acrylic paints to give the best performance of the acrylic paints......
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