Research and Development

Research & Development

At MIDO, Research & Development has played a significant role in the growth of our company, so we continuously invest in R&D. All employees are obliged to keep up for an effective and efficient implementation of the quality and measurement regulations and also to systematically and constantly optimize the product quality and service.

To realize this aim, R&D carries the following functions:

  • Equipping laboratories with high-quality instruments which help us measuring the properties of the materials and final products.  
  • Committing to the international standards and ISO system binding our products. 
  • Testing materials to ensure they are of high quality before adopting them in production processes.

We have the following specialized labs:

- Water-based and Decorative Paints Lab 
- Polishes Lab
- Fiber and System Paints Lab
- Raw Materials Lab
- Oil-based Paints Lab
- Resins Production Lab
- Automotive Putties and Wood Sealers Lab
- Resins Development and Research Lab