Decorative Paints

Your home represents your style. It speaks about who you are and reveals your lifestyle. It’s a reflection of how you live of your character and personal side, the side that can only be seen through your home. Don’t just decorate your house; create it and design it to be yours. Let Mido do the whole job for you.


We help you find the best paint suited to the surface you want to paint. Choose from a variety of Decorative Product range fitting into your need. Explore and find the right product with complete details.


Mido Paints offers a wide range of decorative paints for you. Our range of decorative alkyd paints, texture paints, emulsion paints and

Categories of Decorative Paints

Oil Synthetic Paints:

Lacquers are probably the most well-known type of oil paint available on the paints come in a wide variety of finishes making them ideal for multiple different projects...

Decorative Paints (Special Effects)

Mido textures range brings design and visual appeal to otherwise plain walls and gives them dimension and life. Mido texture range is far richer and has something on offer for every dream wall ...
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Acrlyic (Emulsion) Paints

Emulsions are advanced water-based paints with better quality and shade range. Adhesion to wall surface, anti fungal properties and durability is more in emulsions ......
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Exterior Protection Paints

Mido Paints offers a range of emulsion paints for your walls. You can choose from a wide range of paints, based on the specific demand of surface area ......
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