Adding an average of 4 – 5 new agents yearly, now we are exporting to more than 30 countries all over Africa, Middle East & Europe. Exporting is done through agents and distributors who partner with IGMC for growth and profitability in the decorative, wood, and industrial paint fields. Our products are competitive in the international markets and continue to be branded and promoted in order to support the sales and demand of our partnering businesses. Our export department is made up of dedicated experts who serve our partners and contribute to their success. We are constantly looking for agents and distributors who will benefit from a partner relationship in their local markets.

The major export markets:

  • Middle East: 
Libya – Palestine – Syria – Jordan – Iraq – Yemen – Lebanon – Morocco – Algeria – Tunisia
  • Gulf: 
K.S.A – Kuwait – Qatar – U.A.E
  • Africa: 
Sudan – Ethiopia – Somalia – Kenya – Madagascar – Mauritius – Angola – Ghana – Togo – Senegal – Benin – South Africa – Nigeria – Mozambique – Mayotte – Malawi
  • Asia: 
China - Turkey