Who We Are

Who We Are

Founded in 1979, MIDO «International Group for Modern Coatings» is an Egyptian leading company for high quality Paints and Coating products for multi purposes. The company develops, produces, and distributes specialized chemical products for many areas of application in the automotive, decorative paints, wood coatings, printing inks, and other different industrial products. 

MIDO is committed to “Total Customer Satisfaction” through design, manufacture, and supply of high quality Paints and Coatings products. MIDO management is committed to build on its industry leadership by providing total quality. Our mission is to supply our customers with on-time delivery of products, which are of the best possible quality. 

Products provided by MIDO shall conform to the requirements specified by our customer and/or our internal specifications, and manufactured under ISO 9001 Quality Standard. This commitment to quality shall be realized from product design to final delivery to the end user “the customer”. MIDO brings more than 30 years of experience to the industrial markets Today. 


We work with industry leaders worldwide to provide a wide range of choices in the field of paints, including: 

Decorative Paints

Your home is your own world, so we work hard to make imagination becomes reality. With wide selection of decorative products, each product provides unique effect. There are no limits to imaginations; we are here to inspire you! We produce paints, stains and speciality coatings for commercial, maintenance and residential markets. The product range is wide enough to cover almost all uses, and the range of available colors is beyond imagination. 

Automotive Paints

We are the first automotive paint manufacturer in Egypt to successfully bring to market a complete line of advanced-technology paint and coating systems to professional refinishers nationwide. Today, we are a premium manufacturer of fillers, Acrylic paints, primers, Duco paints, PE putties, NC putties, Clear Coats. With a unique Italian technology, we are able to produce almost any colour for any motor vehicle. 

Wood Paints

Wood is a living material and it therefore needs specific protection. Bring the natural beauty of wood grains to life with MIDO Wood Paints. Our wood paint adds colour while enhancing the natural grain of the wood. We specialize in wood care products and offer a wide range of high-quality stains for indoor and outdoor use. At MIDO, we produce sealers, primers, varnishes and dyes, wood stains, and special effect paints e.g. textures, crackle. 


We produce an extensive range of polishing products for cars, wood, ceramic, Parquets floors, marble and table ware and cutlery. Our polishing products are designed to simplify your polishing procedures, and produce excellent aesthetic results.

Chemical Industries

MIDO Protective Coatings concentrates on the development of high quality products of Epoxy and Polyurethane for: infrastructure, tanks, floors, tubes, pools, and rail industry segments from severe weather conditions. Chemical business also includes manufacturing of Unsaturated Polyester Resins and Alkyd resins for industrial and architectural coatings manufacture. Alkyd resin products are suitable for a wide range of paint products.