mission and vision

Mission And Vision

" Mido is committed to having the best people, products and

services, making us the company of choice for our customers 

and employees. "


Our mission is to use 30-years experience combined with creativity, innovation and research to develop and market high quality paints and coating products for multi-purposes usage. We will continue to use the latest technology in responding to the changing needs in the market for both industrial and consumer use. 


The vision of Mido Paints is to support the paints activity and the Egyptian economy by providing the local, Arabic and foreign markets with high-quality, safe and environmentallyoriented products. All employees of Mido paints are obliged to keep up for quality and measurement regulations, and constantly optimize the product quality and service efficiency for the customer. 


Keeping high performance is an integral part of all we do. That's why we have implemented ambitious aims of sustainability: 

  • To be the leaders in paints and chemical industry fields. 
  • To always provide the latest technologies in our fields. 
  • To provide high-quality products to achieve our customers' satisfaction. 
  • To continuously monitor, control and develop our products' quality. 
  • To enhance our long-term relationship with customers.