The Story behind the Continuous Success


1980’s: Creating awareness!

Mido was founded by Dr Ali Ghaly in 1979 as a family limited-partnership company situated in Alexandria, the second largest province in Egypt. Looking for a unique and demanded product was the first step. Hand in hand, a 3x4 m2 factory was established to produce only ONE yet essential product ... POLISH!

1981: Dramatic accident in action

In 1981, an accidentally fire eruption took place and destroyed most of the factory’s infrastructure! With a lot of challenge and willing to grow and succeed, we were able to face this crisis and pass it over. “No time to waste” was the slogan at that time!


1988: Time to move!

Mido established a new plant in New Borg El-Arab City, one of the new industrial communities in Egypt, extending its activity on car refinishes market with the production of unsaturated polyester putty (stucco putty).

1990’s: Beginning to diversify!

Time has come to look for what was not done. A concept which has leaded us to start surveying the local market and come up with the most requested product. After going through various researches and technical methods, Pexin (Polyester Putty) came to life! Taking into consideration the rapid international changes, another factory was opened for the purpose of producing product intermediaries known as “resins”, the backbone of many of our painting products, as well as adding a new production line for producing tin cans. MIDO introduced NC / Acrylic 2 k paint system to the market, followed by special products for other market segments.


1997: On the path of getting global!

To accommodate the sequence of continued growth, penetrating new foreign markets was a step that should be taken. The exports department was then established. Starting with Kuwait and Yemen consequently opened the door for expansion into (Libya - Iraq - K.S.A - Ethiopia - Madagascar - Benin - Lebanon - Syria - Kuwait - Jordan - Angola - Palestine - south Africa - Qatar - Ghana - Nigeria - U.A.E - Morocco - Mozambique - Senegal - Sudan - Togo - Somalia - China – Turkey - Yemen - Kenya - Mayotte - Mauritius - Algeria - Tunisia 

- Malawi).


2000’s: A wider scope!
A new modern era is on stage! Speaking local and foreign wise, our strategic vision moves us towards occupying a unique market niche among a highly competitive market filled with reputable competitors. New production lines, new product techniques, new branches, new distribution stores and many more are yet to come.


2002: MIDO reactor!

A successful jump was taken after purchasing the reactor. This special machine is used for manufacturing resins, which where imported from abroad at that time. The output is used in the manufacturing of 40 to 45% of the wood and household coating products. 

2003: A pivotal year!

Significant changes to Mido Co. for paints and modern coatings occurred after undertaking a successful step being transformed into a leading stock Egyptian company and thereby change its profile name to “The International Group for Modern Coatings”. A bold new visual identity accompanied the name change.


2004: Silver jubilee!

After 25 years in business, Mido celebrated the beginning of its 1st quarter century in serving paints and coatings enthusiasts by gathering a national audience at a fascinating gala that took place at the Sheraton Hotel - Alexandria. What a spectacular event we’ve been passing through! A memorable day that will never be forgotten!

“We’re still in the beginning!” was a phrase that Dr. Aly Ghaly (Chairman) started and ended his speech with. A promising future is on its way with a clear path.



A new factory is opened on the path of horizontal integration called Endmoun for producing Un- saturated Polyester Resin (UPR) the first of its Kind in Egypt & North Africa. The Total Capacity will go to polyester Putty, Polyester Sealer & Marble adhesive.



A devastating fire occurred in 6th June in the main warehouses of raw materials causing a huge loss estimated to be 3 Million US Dollars.



A total restructure in the company management was taken to overcome the inevitable effects of the fire and to help the company to float and continue its operations flawlessly.



New Markets for export had been expanded like Tunisia, China, and Mozambique. New Products were also introduced to the local market like universal color concentrates & Groviato for exterior house painting.



Global crisis had passed by our company with the minimum effects due to our logistics effort. Our stocks were not also high, so it caused us almost no damage, and a significant increase in both local & Export sales were achieved.



It is the beginning of our healthy performance after absorbing both the global crisis & the fine. Now our financial & technical performance is outstanding in a manner that left our competitors in envious modes before our admirers that had proved our break through the extensive growth that is reflect in all aspects.

The Company has participated in exhibitions all over the world, including Kenya, Jordon, Tanzania, Sudan and Cairo. The company participated in very distinguished wings with its special designs and locations that attracted importers and exporters from all over the world.


2012 Till Now:
The company has expanded in new production lines like Granule, Gravito, Universal and Color Concentrates. We have also tried to promote our products, so we participated in many exhibitions all over the world, including Kenya, Jordon, Tanzania, Sudan, South Africa ... etc.